Top IT SW vývoj - JAVA

Senior Java Developer - Wien

Forma spolupráce: trvalý pracovný pomer, externe (živnosť/sro)

Štart projektu 3.9.2020

Dĺžka projektu 12 months + option

Vyťaženosť Full-Time

Denná sadzba (bez DPH) 360* - 380 EUR / MD

Požadovaná prax 4 roky

Požadovaný jazyk Anglický, Nemecký

* Sadzba v závislosti od relevantných skúseností

Náplň práce • Alignment with your product owner and agile team members and understanding the business requirements for insurance solutions
• Together with the team, create a common understanding of the business requirements and design a technical solution that follows our best practices
• Understanding the target domain of our applications – the insurance domain and the business and technical context of our customers
• Design and implement Java applications, based on the Eclipse RCP framework
• Correctly utilize extension patterns offered by our internal development framework, to customize, replace and extend existing functionalities
• Implement standardized APIs that allow for a flexible integration of various external systems with our applications
• Create unit tests for our applications, backed by a mocking framework

Poznámka The project is for our long-term Austrian partner.
Work directly in Vienna with the possibility of a home office.

Technické požiadavky • very good understanding of Java/OOP concepts like interfaces, abstract classes, Generics, Thread, JDBC, Collections framework, Exception Handling; experience in developing java based GUI applications (which framework not important)
• practical experience with developing JUnit tests, using a mocking framework
• Experience with API development (RESTful Web Services, JAX-RS) and API tools like Postmangood understanding of relational Datamodel, able to write SQL Queries (select, insert,Update)
• Knowledge regarding Encapsulation, inheritance vs. Delegation, access operators, simple design patterns (GoF)
• Used Eclipse RCP as the base framework of Applications, not just as IDE
• Knowledge and experience in container (orchestration) technologies, like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift
• Basic knowledge about linux as operating system, no programming skills necessary, just basic linux commands (vi, grep, sudo, netstat and so on)
• Practical work done with different profiling Tools like JProfile, Dynatrace
• practical experience with version management systems like GIT or SVN